Sharing GPS routes - introduction


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Join! is a site for people who like to tour with the help of GPS navigation. The site supports the exchange of route files and completing, updating and translating route data together.

How does work?

It's easy to find a route in the neighborhood where you want to make a trip with the map on the homepage. You can zoom in and out with the slider on the left side of the map. You can shift the map with the controls top left or just drag and drop the map on any point you want. Routes available are marked on the map with a little colored flag. By zooming into an area gradually all possibilities will appear. If you click the flag, the name of a route appears. If you click the name, the route details will show. You can go to the tab "download" to download a route file. More information about the use of the various functions of the site you find in the User manual.

Who can join is open for everyone who is interested in routes, want to download GPS route files or want to share his or her own GPS routes with others. You can easily register yourself with your E-mail address. At this address you will receive an activation key. By clicking the key you activate your registration. After registration all functions of the site are available to you. For a number of functions you need to log in first. It will not be possible to post or change routes anonymously. We feel this is necessary to be able to perform proper site management. We will take however the utmost care that your privacy will be protected. Read more about this in Privacy statement.

Browser support is a dynamic site. We use javascript intensively to change the properties of page elements during page manipulation. Unfortunately the element properties have not been implemented the same way in different browsers. This site is optimised for use with Firefox (1.5 and higher). We tested the site also with MicroSoft Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and Chrome. It functions well with these browser. Only function "Correct elevation profile" doesn't function correctly with Safari and Chrome and has limited capabilities with Explorer 7. If you use Internet Explorer 6 (or lower), we recommend to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Chrome or to Firefox.