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A member can register at with his or her E-mail address. The address and other register data will be stored in the database of These data won't be provided to third parties, unless the member explicitly approves. The data will be used for site administration only. Below you find a clarification per data field.

E-mail address Used for login identification and site administration. The E-mail address will not be published on the site and won't be visible for other visitors, including members. The member will be able to indicate if he or she wants to receive system generated E-mails for notification if another member changed or added to a route he or she posted. This message will show the user name of the other member, but not the E-mail address. The site administrator can send you a message if necessary for administration purposes, though with restraint.
Password Used for login authentication.
User name Published on the site with route posts and other contributions. The member is free to choose a user name.
Country At registration the member will be able to indicate the country he or she lives in. Will be used for enrichment of site statistics. Not mandatory.
User identification number At registration a unique number will be assigned. Used for connecting posts and contributions to the member.

Site statistics manages her own site statistics. Except for Country, no personal data will be collected. No data will be forwarded to other sites. Statistics will be published on the