Collection of GPS routes Cuenca PR-CU

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GPS walks in La Serranía, Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, Europe

senderos de Pequeña Recorrido

Little walks in the surroundings of Cuenca.


  • Cuenca PR-CU 23 Sotos 07 km 250 m
    • Ruta del Covacho y El Callejón
    • A short climb on the eastern slope of the Sierra de Bascuñana. Nice views at the Júcar valley. At the ruin El Covacho, the route descends over an old path. At the Mirador de Sotos nice views on the village and the mountains of La Sierra de la Madera at the background. If you like, you can descend into El Callejón, a cleft with beautiful rock formations. Alongside the brook valley Baranco de la Boca del Callejón, the route returns to Sotos.
  • Cuenca PR-CU 24 Zarzuela 15 km 000 m
    • Ruta del Cerro Calera y Los Vallejos
  • Cuenca PR-CU 28 Las Majadas 13 km 000 m
    • Ruta de Las Fuentecillas y Los Callejones
    • With the Camino de Valdeasnos the route crosses El Collado and the Dehesa Boyal, passes a golf terrain and the pasture El Prado de la Fuente del Rey. Next it passes the fountains Fuente de La Puentecilla and Las Fuentecillas. The route follows the eastern path through the valley of the Barranco del Molinillo, along the bottom of impressive steep rock walls with freakish pinnacles like wild heads.
      After crossing the Arroyo Riofrío (or Royofrío) the route joins the GR-66. A climb to the Picón de Royofrío, first through the woods, next alongside the bed of the Arroyo (brook).
      Arrived at the top the route returns in direction of Las Majadas, now along the top of the rock walls. First following the Camino de Fuente la Zarza, next following a path alongside the edges. At the mirador (viewpoint) del Picón del Tío Cogote magnificent views over the Barranco, the valley of the Río Júcar and the bridge over the Barranco of the Canal de la Toba.
      Further on the route passes Los Callejones, a marvellous natural phenomenon: a pattern of streets with plazas, alleys, gates and arches, apparently carved out the rocks.
      At the Puntal del Alto de la Peña there is view again at Las Majadas, which will be reached soon.
  • Cuenca PR-CU 36 Palomera 08 km 400 m
    • Sendero de la Hoz del Huécar
  • Cuenca PR-CU 37 Uña 11 km 000 m
    • Sendero del Escalerón a la Raya
  • Cuenca PR-CU 83 Cañada del Hoyo 12 km 600 m
    • Sendero de Las Lagunas

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Distance: 67 km 250 m  

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This collection of routes is described in Registro Oficial De Senderos: Provincia De Cuenca 2008, released by Diputacíon Provicial de Cuenca in 2008.


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