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Etappe Holten - Laren

Photo Aalpolsweg, Holten
Aalpolsweg, Holten

De twaalfde etappe van het Pieterpad, van Holten naar Laren, gaat langs de Schipbeek, over de jonge landontginning Bekmansbroek en over het landgoed Verwolde.

NB! Deze GPS-route is geactualiseerd op basis van de 8ste druk van de routebeschrijving van het Pieterpad Deel 1.

This route is part of collection Pieterpad 1.

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This route is described in Pieterpad deel 1 Pieterburen - Vorden, druk 8, written by Maarten Goorhuis, released by Nivon in 2008.

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Route details
Outline: line  
Distance: 14 km 700 m  
Starting-point: NS-station, Holten, Overijssel [52.28398,6.42144]
Endpoint: Rengersweg 1, Laren, Lochem, Gelderland [52.19218,6.36617]
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# name waypoint course length distance altitude
1 P112-001 [52.28398,6.42144] 198° 0m 0m 0m
  > Start Stationsstraat
2 P112-002 [52.28248,6.42065] 197° 175m 175m 0m
  + At intersection go straight on Larenseweg
3 P112-003 [52.27874,6.41881] 93° 434m 609m 0m
  -: Turn left Pastoriestraat
4 P112-004 [52.27866,6.42112] 151° 157m 766m 0m
  :- Turn right Zandvoortsepad
5 P112-005 [52.27484,6.42451] 188° 483m 1,249m 0m
  T- At the end turn right Aalpolsweg (klinkers)
6 P112-006 [52.27364,6.42422] 179° 135m 1,384m 26m
  -Y,Y- At fork keep left; At fork keep right Zweerssteeg
7 P112-007 [52.27072,6.42430] 170° 325m 1,709m 0m
  -T At the end turn left Beusebergerweg (asfalt)
8 P112-008 [52.26861,6.42490] 250° 238m 1,947m 0m
  :- Turn right Polistenweg (zandweg)
9 P112-009 [52.26776,6.42101] 159° 281m 2,228m 0m
  -+ At intersection turn left Menumsweg (zandweg)
10 P112-010 [52.26158,6.42490] 201° 736m 2,964m 0m
  T- At the end turn right Beusebergerweg (asfalt)
11 P112-011 [52.24797,6.41636] 209° 1,620m 4,584m 0m
  :- Turn right doodlopende weg
  richting rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallatie
12 P112-012 [52.24383,6.41260] 193° 526m 5,110m 0m
  -: Turn left pad
13 P112-013 [52.24304,6.41230] 111° 90m 5,200m 0m
  -T At the end turn left onverharde weg
  langs de Schipbeek
14 P112-014 [52.24003,6.42507] 179° 931m 6,131m 0m
  T- At the end turn right Roudaalterweg
  brug over Schipbeek
15 P112-015 [52.23269,6.42524] 239° 816m 6,947m 0m
  :- Turn right Drostendijk
16 P112-016 [52.22038,6.39217] 196° 2,634m 9,581m 0m
  -T At the end turn left brede zandweg met fietspad
17 P112-017 [52.21965,6.39182] 172° 85m 9,665m 0m
  -: Turn left bosweg, landgoed Verwolde
18 P112-018 [52.20742,6.39475] 219° 1,374m 11,039m 0m
  *2 At crossroads take 2nd to the right bosweg
19 P112-019 [52.20424,6.39048] 161° 458m 11,497m 0m
  -+ At intersection turn left Jonker Emilelaan (asfalt)
20 P112-020 [52.19886,6.39353] 295° 633m 12,129m 0m
  :- Turn right pad
21 P112-021 [52.19909,6.39274] 270° 60m 12,189m 0m
  -: Turn left pad
22 P112-022 [52.19909,6.39013] 191° 178m 12,367m 0m
  -T At the end turn left pad, over bruggetje
23 P112-023 [52.19732,6.38958] 240° 200m 12,567m 0m
  Y- At fork keep right pad
24 P112-024 [52.19453,6.38167] 262° 622m 13,189m 0m
  -T,:- At the end turn left; Turn right Olde Diek, Pastorielaan
25 P112-025 [52.19398,6.37508] 271° 453m 13,642m 0m
  T- At the end turn right Verwoldseweg
26 P112-026 [52.19401,6.37065] 236° 302m 13,943m 0m
  + At intersection go straight on Verwoldseweg
  met tunnel onder verkeersweg door
27 P112-027 [52.19218,6.36617] 367m 14,310m 0m
  < Finish <

Elevation profile

Elevation profile route Etappe Holten - Laren

Tracklog 2008-04-18 P12 (492 points, 14.7km) uploaded on 2010-03-14 21:35:11, by Rens Kokke.

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Points of interest


name comment waypoint
bar PP1112c
Grand Café de Biester


name comment waypoint
camping 17a
CDe Holterberg

camping 18a
MC SVR Ter Stal



name comment waypoint
lodging Stegeman
Hotel Stegeman


name comment waypoint
picnic P112-002z
picnic P112-007z
picnic P112-009z
picnic P112-011z
picnic P112-014z
picnic P112-015z1
picnic P112-015z2
picnic P112-016z
picnic P112-017z
picnic P112-019z
picnic P112-024z


name comment waypoint
curiosity P112-005p
Aalpolsweg, Holten
curiosity P112-013p1
stuw in de Schipbeek (getemde
curiosity P112-013p2
stuw in de Schipbeek (getemde
curiosity P112-013p3
pad langs de Schipbeek
curiosity P112-013p4
de Schipbeek (getemde beek)
curiosity P112-014p
zendmast Markelo
curiosity P112-018p1
boerderij Grootdengerink op la
curiosity P112-018p2
landgoed Verwolde
curiosity P112-018p3
landgoed Verwolde
curiosity P112-019p1
boerderij op landgoed Verwolde
curiosity P112-019p2
huize Verwolde
curiosity P112-024p
buiten De Binnenhof
curiosity P112-027p
kerk, Laren

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