GPS route Pizzo Carbonara

GPS walk in PA, Sicilia, Italy,

Op de toppen van Le Madonie


This route is described in Deltas wandelgids - Siciliƫ en de Liparische Eilanden, released by Deltas in 2011.

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Route details
Outline: loop  
Distance: 7 km 800 m  
Starting-point: SP113, Petralia Sottana [37.87959,14.02863]
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# name waypoint course length distance altitude
1 14-001 [37.87959,14.02863] 34° 0m 0m 1,650m
  > Start
2 14-002 [37.87991,14.02890] 48° 43m 43m 1,654m
  -: Turn left graspad
3 14-003 [37.88079,14.03016] 59° 148m 190m 1,645m
  -Y At fork keep left
4 14-004 [37.88423,14.03728] 310° 732m 922m 1,741m
  -Y At fork keep left
5 14-005 [37.89132,14.02673] 319° 1,215m 2,138m 1,913m
  + At intersection go straight on
6 14-006 [37.89224,14.02572] 311° 135m 2,273m 1,939m
  -Y At fork keep left
7 14-007 [37.89583,14.02047] 180° 609m 2,882m 1,913m
  ) Bend to the left
8 14-008 [37.89308,14.02044] 188° 306m 3,188m 1,896m
  -Y At fork keep left
9 14-009 [37.88236,14.01858] 206° 1,202m 4,390m 1,757m
  -Y At fork keep left
10 14-010 [37.88094,14.01769] 175° 176m 4,566m 1,697m
  -Y At fork keep left
11 14-011 [37.87853,14.01798] 83° 269m 4,835m 1,631m
  -T At the end turn left Sp113
12 14-012 [37.87959,14.02863] 941m 5,777m 1,650m
  < Finish

Elevation profile

Elevation profile route Op de toppen van Le Madonie

Tracklog 2012-06-29 (552 points, 7.7km) uploaded on 2012-06-29 19:43:34, by Rens Kokke.

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Points of interest


name comment waypoint
summit Carbonara
Pizzo Carbonara (1979m)
summit Palermo
Pizzo Palermo (1964m)
summit Principessa
Pizzo Della Principessa (1977m
summit Scolonazzo
Pizzo Scolonazzo (1903m)
summit Spina Puci
Monte Spina Puci (1755m)

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Route posted at 2012-06-29 19:43:33, by Rens Kokke
Route last updated at 2013-10-26 19:13:21, by Rens Kokke (elevation)

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